Munnar: A picturesque hill station

Munnar, located at an altitude of 1600 meters above the sea level, the place offers an ideal escapade from the heat and buzzing of urban life. The mist covered rolling hills, exotic plantations, colonial remnants, panoramic views, and pristine wilderness all add to the exquisite beauty of this hill station.

Our munnar journey started around 4pm(I know too late to start for munnar) and travelling by bike. its an overnight ride through Hosur , Salem. As we are riding very slow because we know we had to cross one tiger reserve and one wildlife sanctuary and that won’t be open around night. So, next day early morning we reached to tiger reserve and ride inside tiger reserve is beautiful(sad we din’t spotted any tiger over there).DSC_0029.JPG

Roads are nice and scenery around you is spellbounding. After crossing the tiger reserve we reached to some wildlife sanctuary. Ride through the narrow roads of ghats is always excites me and adventurous.


Finally after clicking couple of pics on the way we reached main munnar town around 12pm . After reached there,we are hungry like anything and we are tired after long bike ride. Had some food there and went to get fresh and meantime we also got a 1bhk to stay for 8 people.

After had some rest and sleep we started for madupatty dam. I must say view from madupatty is awesome. It looks like we are out of india and travelling somewhere around UK.


Lake in the middle and hills surrounding is a picturesque view. we had long photo session out there. It was already evening when we finished our photo session and decided to returned to our home stay.

Its a short trip and we planned to leave for Bangalore next day by morning. But before that we planned to go to echo point and while going to echo point clicked couple of pics of tea gardens and the views around us.

Near to echo point found a good place which we saw from the dam. Lake in the middle and hills surrounding by. We had fun over there for sometime.


While returning to Munnar main town,clicked couple of pics which are as beautiful as Munnar.

So, finally we started from Munnar around 3pm and reached bangalore next day morning after a whole night ride.

That ends the journey from Bangalore to Munnar and munnar to Bangalore. It was tiring and hectic journey though enjoyable ride through the ghats and tiger reserve.

Truffles: A damn cool place with a finger licking food

One of the best place to eat when you’re low on cash.  Being situated on 80 Feet road with many restaurants around, it pulls the most crowd, and not to forget the waiting time for a table if you not made prior reservations of table(Waiting time is around 10-15mins).

I must say there burgers are worth for the money you are paying. They are too good.

We first ordered a open burger(Really good in taste)which is full of chicken and mushrooms. This burger is heavenly insane.

IMG_20170416_222650_HDRNext we ordered for  One flew over the cuckoo’s nest(FCUK). By seeing the quantity first i thought I made a mistake,t will not fill my stomach but later i am not able to finish that. Its heavy and it will fill your stomach and even superb in taste. Chickens with BBQ sauce was insane.

IMG_20170416_221215_HDR.jpg Next came Chicken Marengo. The gravy which came with the dish is damn tasty even that stands out in the crowd.


Next we ordered for Montego and Frozen Strawberry, both are as good as main course.

Kudos to the chef who made those dishes. I Visited couple of times but I din’t find any single dish which comes out bad.

I always enjoy dining at Truffles. It is one of the restaurants which I can always recommend to anyone. Family or friends, first choice will always be this mesmerizing place.

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Fast and Furious 8 movie review: Vin-Dwayne-Statham’s film delivers the fun action Movie You’ve Been Waiting For

Fast and Furious 8, the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, has Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham , Charlize Theron(reinvented as an action heroine with Mad Max: Fury Road) and Michelle Rodriguez reprising their roles.


In Fast and Furious 8, the gang come together to save the world as well as Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) infant child.

So Dominic turns rogue when he is approached by a  Cipher (Charlize Theron) and soon enough, he is working with the bad guys. When he is not trying to kill his colleague Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), he is kissing Cipher in front of his wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). Everyone is confused. Why is Dom acting the way he is? Cipher’s plan is get access to nuclear weapons and terrorize the world. It’s silly, sure, but thanks to well-executed and set up action sequences, Fast and Furious 8 is pretty damn watchable.

Besides Dom’s regular crew , Deckard Shaw (Jason Staham) makes a comeback to Fast and Furious 8. He gets the film’s best action scene and it involves guns, bad guys and a baby thirty five thousand feet above sea level.

There are some stunningly designed action scenes, including one with numerous computer hacked self-driven cars speeding through Manhattan resulting in a mega pile-up. Cipher calls it a zombie attack and it is the coolest set piece in the film, followed by another smartly designed scene where Dom’s car is harpooned by his former teammates.


Considering the budget of the film (approximately a staggering $250 million), a larger proportion could have been allocated to the special effects. The weakness in VFX is exposed in the climax set in the ice fields of Siberia where submarines, tanks, cars recklessly drive on (or under) thin ice.

Nothing makes the fan base go crazier. Just wait until they pay tribute to the late Paul Walker (who played Brian O’ Connor) to see if you can hear anything apart from the audience’s “Wooohooooo!”.

Fans will probably find Fast and Furious 8 mostly satisfying because of its action content which is damn high. and last but not the least,Did we mention Charlize Theron makes a terrific villain, as the ice-cold Cipher? And of course, she escapes from getting caught! How else are we going to see Fast & Furious 9?

Tandoori Taal, Indiranagar

If you are a Bangalorean and fond of “asli desi khaana” and if you don’t visit this place then you are missing something 🙂

Lets start, one pleasant evening we are looking for restaurant(actually unable to choose cafe or dine in) around mg road or koramangala but luckily(i will say LUCKILY)we din’t find any good place. I am happy that we dint got any restaurant and search extended to indiranagar as I know indiranagar has many eateries.

After coming from west Bengal I was literally looking for “asli desi khaana” and my search ends in Tandoori Taal. The first thing attracts about tandoori taal is its decoration. Restaurant is beautifully decorated in rajasthani style, paintings and designs on the wall are beautiful. so now place is decided and we started for “Tandoori Taal”.

By the time we stepped in we fell in love with the place. Decoration is as it is i saw in a Zomato. Service was excellent and behavior of the staffs were courteous. By the way I must say menu was little heavier side but innovative(don’t worry price is not on heavier side though).

For starters we ordered ajmoda ka murgh and chakori murgh. Both were equally splendid and till now best kebabs i ever had anywhere in Bangalore. For main course we had kadai murgh patiala which was average in compare to starters. Best butter naan i ever had in Bangalore, its full soft and kashmiri pulao is worth for its value. Kudos to the chef. Though food was good and it won’t make you wait for long time.

That’s all from this first episode.We loved this experience and we would love to go back there anytime soon.

Do let us know about your experience if you visit/have visited.

We’ll be back again soon.

Till then—chew your food & bon apetit!

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